Best Fall Trends According to Jaxodyssey

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again! It’s that time of the year where we transition from the intense heat of the Summer to the cooler months. The leaves begin to fall and beautifully adorn all of our sidewalks and pumpkins of every size imaginable are perfectly placed in every corner of our homes. All of our favorite Fall and Halloween movies are being broadcasted on almost every channel on television. Your closest Starbucks has reached maximum capacity as we all eagerly and impatiently await our very first of many Pumpkin Spice Lattes of the season.

Yes, you guessed it! We have officially reached the beautiful season of Fall which pulls more sultry and rich tones than we can all agree. It’s a completely different fashion ball game compared to the more flirty, vibrant, and trendy Summer months. Although some of our favorite trends can be carried over between seasons, let’s be real here, our bright and bold neon green statement pieces that were all the rage for this Summer season, may not be as easily transferable into the more dressed up Fall fashion. So, what does this mean for our overflowing closets? If you’re anything like me and pay close attention to seasonal trends, then you might have an idea of what is here to stay and what we can expect to dominate our own concrete catwalk.

Tea length snake print skirt

Let’s start off with the trends that will be staying for this season. Everyone hold onto your animal print clothing! Cheetah and snakeskin prints were a huge fashion trend during the hot Summer. They have proven that they are here to stay for the Fall months and if I’m being totally honest, I could not be happier. Animal print is one of those timeless pieces that have evolved into more fashionable and youthful articles of clothing versus a print that used to be associated with something your great aunt would wear. These pieces should be staples in everyone’s closet because it is something that can be dressed up or dressed down. Although in recent years we have been shying away from the more “traditional” cheetah print and turning to a “trendy” form of snake print. I really do believe that when animal print is done correctly, it can give your outfit an added edge without requiring too much effort.

Dark floral long sleeve dressesAnother trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for the Fall are florals. I know this one sounds like it’s wrong, but just hear me out. Floral’s are extremely versatile and can easily be transitioned into the Fall months There are plenty of “dark” florals (or emo florals as I like to call them) that lean more towards the sultry side of the color spectrum. The actual floral pattern on the garment is also smaller in size so it doesn’t overpower the entire outfit. Throw on a blazer and your favorite pair of white sneakers with the floral look and you’ll be transformed into an instant cool girl for the office. Not into sneakers? Then pair it with some ankle boots!

Don’t worry, those oversized utility jackets you saw everyone rock during the Summer months (why were those popular in the Summer??) are more than likely to stick around for the Fall months. They come in all of the perfect neutral Fall shades that can be paired with literally ANYTHING that’s in your closet. They are light enough to add on over anything not that the weather will be cooling down a bit. Seriously, they are perfect for layering or for adding a more effortlessly chic to any outfit without weighing you down or raising your own body temperature.

Now, let’s talk about the new Fall trends. of 2019. Luckily for you, we have done all the research so that all you have to do sit back, relax, and start planning out the looks you are going to serve for Fall.

Here are “The Best Fall Trends According to Jaxodyssey”:

First let’s talk about color! What are the colors that we are going to see more of this year? According to The Pantone Color Institute, the colors that are going to be dominating this Fall season are geared towards rich red-toned browns such as Rocky Road or Sugar Almond dark orange such as Burnt Cheddar , and my personal favorite, chili pepper red! Now if you’re looking for a bit more vibrancy during the Fall season, you can try muted peachy shades like Peach Pink, or maybe even something like the shade Fruit Dove, which is a color that is described by the Pantone Color Institute as “An extroverted pink, Fruit Dove creates a presence that can’t be ignored”. Now If you are not feeling any of these shades and want to stay on the more neutral side of the spectrum, don’t worry we have something for you too! You can always add in pieces of creamy whites (yes, you CAN wear white after Labor Day) like Vanilla Custard that will soften your look, but also keep you on trend. Incorporating dark hues of blues and tasteful greens will add those neutrals pops of color.

Satin dress runway Satin is on its way back and it’s coming in strong for this Fall. This fabric is all over the runways this season. It is extremely versatile, and it can be used to make any article of clothing, which is something that cannot be said for all fabrics. Whether it’s a dress, a skirt, suit, or shirt and even a pantsuit! It can easily be made with satin and it’ll look absolutely fabulous. It is eye catching and can easily be transitioned from day to night so that you can get the most of your outfit. Satin is a fabric that works well in many different settings. You can just simply throw on a blazer for an office appropriate look and then easily transform the look for a sexy and fun night out.





Historically, fashion hasn’t always been about functionality, it's about breaking barriers and cultivating an image that’ll last a lifetime within the fashion community. The next trend for Fall 2019 does just that and more. What is this trend? It’s tiny bags and the smaller the better! The pMiniature lavender statement purse oint of this purse isn’t about providing a place to store your personal items while you’re on the go. It’s about creating an
image with a statement piece that’ll set you apart from everyone else. Many designers have started making their own versions such as Prada, Fendi, Off-White, and more notably Jacquemus who, in my opinion, set the standard and pioneered the tiny purse phenomenon. This is a statement piece that everyone can wear and achieve their own high fashion runway look.


Pink asymmetrical maxi length runway dressNext on the list we have something a bit more on the risqué side of things. I’m talking about necklines and this Fall season it’s all about the asymmetric neckline. This type of neckline provides the right amount of sexiness to your wardrobe. The asymmetric neckline is the sophisticated sister of the off-the-shoulder look. The asymmetric neckline does wonders for a women’s neck by creating an illusion for a longer neckline. The asymmetrical neckline is meant for the more mature women who wants to elevate her look without stepping too far out of her comfort zone. It provides an elegance that is unmatched.

You don’t have to be a superhero to wear this Fall 2019 trend! This is one that will have anyone ready for their very own Vogue photoshoot. This Fall season it's all about capes! These capes are taking the fashion world by storm.. These long and flowy capes are sure to add an extra level of high fashion drama to any Fall outfit. Don’t worry, if you aren’t into these dramatic capes, we have the cape just for you! Another version of this cape can be compared to a poncho (but obviously better). This type of cape will be sure to keep you warm during the cooler Fall months but also give you the right amount of sophistication and just a pinch of drama without making you feel uncomfortable. I see these capes crossing over into the colder Winter months.

One thing that’s great about fashion is that you get to decide what works best for you. These are some trends that are being rocked on the runway but, you get to decide what you choose to wear. Feel free to take our recommended Fall fashion colors and trends and apply them to your wardrobe to create amazing outfits. When it comes to this season’s trends don’t worry we’ve got you covered! We can’t wait to see what Fall outfits you come up with!

Until next time and stay fashionable!




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