Jaxodyssey clothing line for women on the go boss babes walking in Los Angeles

Welcome to Jaxodyssey! We created a multipurpose nine piece capsule collection that can be easily worn for business or leisure, day and night. We will be launching on Kickstarter this upcoming February 2020. Our line is carefully curated and manufactured in the heart of Los Angeles and Orlando. Our items are made of recycled, performance, easy care, stretchy and embroidered fabrics. Multi-functionality is crucial for our brand so you can wear our items in multiple ways. We have added hidden and functional pockets. We ensure our team is paid fair wages, believe in sustainability, promote culture, and are a brand for women by women.

Our inspiration comes from multifaceted, intrepid go-getters, and fun souls who enjoy style and travel. The Jaxodyssey woman exudes confidence and understands the proper balance between sophistication and comfort. Our clothes remind her of wonderful memories and places she has seen or would like to experience. She enjoys the hustle and bustle of the city as well as the peacefulness of a beach paradise. Unknown regions inspire her just as much as meeting locals and experimenting new cuisines. She can wear casual beach attire or a sexy cut-out dress and amaze the world in both. Most importantly she believes in the power of inspiring and empowering one another.

As part of our mission, we understand the power of building each other up; if you are part of a charity association please feel free to contact us. We would love to work with you for our launch on F/W 2020.

About Founder

Daniela Jacques About Jaxodyssey Founder

I am   Daniela   Jacques, a U.S  based, Mexican/French fashion designer & content creator. I am also a former scientist and worked in that field for 10 years. This career allowed me to travel to different parts of the world. It was during one of these trips that I started thinking about the clothes I was wearing. Many did not satisfy the needs for the travel woman. When you travel by yourself, it is not convenient to have too many clothes, though you want to look put together at the same time. My reason to create Jaxodyssey is to provide the style lovers, business women, and travel enthusiasts with sophisticated garments that are easily paired for their travels, but comfortable as well.

As an immigrant and daughter of a single mother, I know the importance of working hard to achieve your goals. Something that is really close to my heart is helping people especially small businesses and artists. I am planning on including handmade fabrics from different countries to my line. I believe in the power of positive thinking and want to build a community to inspire others to be self-fulfilled and accomplish their dreams. I designed and develop our clothes in Florida. When it comes to manufacturing, we work with a facility that gives opportunities to diverse groups of people (including immigrants like myself) and provides fair treatment and working hours to their employees. 

I want to create positive changes in this world. Treat others fairly, provide jobs, and take care of our mother earth. If I can impact at least one person in a positive way I would feel like my life served its purpose.