Boss Babes Make S.M.A.R.T Goals

Happy New Year boss babes! As we enter the New Year it’s time for us to focus on setting goals for the new year rather than creating resolutions. You may be asking yourself, aren’t goals and resolutions the same thing? I’m here to clear up some confusion! A resolution is more of a promise that you are making to yourself. For example, I will eat healthier or I will save money but, what will you do to achieve that resolution? These are things that you are promising yourself that you will do and although they are attainable, you don’t really have a plan of action set up to achieve it. When you set a goal, you set up a plan of action so that you can successfully achieve your goal. For example, I will incorporate a cup of veggies into my diet daily and stop eating fast food or I will set aside $100 every week and place them in my savings account.

Here at Jaxodyssey we are focusing on accomplishing S.M.A.R.T. goals. Trust me I know what your thinking, what the heck is a S.M.A.R.T. goal? S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym and it stands for the following:

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Rather than just jumping in and burning yourself out, you get to decide how you approach your goal so that you can achieve success. desk, 2020, motivation


Here are some tips and tools that can help you reach your goals this 2020:


  • According to Meredith Dent you should be flexible with your goals and adjust them as your year progresses 
  • Rachel Laws suggests that we should focus on goals that are realistic to achieve at a pace that works for you!
  • A planner will help you stay on top of all important dates as well as keep you on track towards success (and it helps if your planner is cute)
  • Understanding why your goal is important to you will help you be more determined check out Gordon Tredgold for more tips! 
  • has an amazing suggestion list you should definitely checkout
  • Michelle Chai uses a technique called bullet journaling in order to keep herself on track. Be sure to checkout her blog where she explains how she bullet journals. This is definitely a technique I would love to try!

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When it comes to the Jaxodyssey clothing line we are preparing to accomplish one of our biggest goals to date. We are preparing to launch our Kickstarter campaign. If you’ve never heard of Kickstarter don’t worry I was also not familiar with the platform a couple of years ago either! It is basically a platform that allows entrepreneurs to upload their dream project for others to see and back it. The way this is done is as follows:

  • The entrepreneurs upload the project 
  • They talk about the product they want to bring to life 
  • People (literally anyone, your grandma, mom, dad, sister, pet *just kidding*) can pledge/back you if they believe in your mission and like what you are offering.
  • Through contributions we hope we are able to produce our clothing line collection.

We will not only offer pieces from the collection as rewards but also one of a kind opportunities. When it comes to our pieces we will give you unbeatable early bird prices! Even up to 50% off of retail. When it comes to the opportunities we will have fun packages such as the “ultimate influencer package” or “learn fashion design with Daniela”. More surprises and details to come, just stay tuned!

As of right now we are doing the best that we can to increase our social media presence in a way that we can positively inspire all of you amazing Boss Babes! We are doing this by shouting out boss babes as well as finding inspirational quotes that will motivate youInspiring, motivational, boss babe, goals, new year
accomplish your goals! You could be our next boss babe shout out so check us out across all social media platforms! We hope that these tools and techniques that boss babes and entrepreneurs have shared with us from all over the world have encouraged all of you to pursue your goals in an organized way! Our mission as a company and as a brand has always been to empower and support all women of different backgrounds from all different corners of the world. No matter how big or small your goals may be you should strive to reach them by staying organized, happy and motivated. Here at Jaxodyssey we know that all of you boss babes are capable of amazing things! Our social media has always been a major part of our brand and will continue to be a way for us to connect with all of you lovely ladies and we can not wait to continue to grow across all platforms with all of your amazing support!

We have a lot of goals for the Jaxodyssey brand! The ability to take this first step and launch is something that could not have been done without you guys! I can’t wait to show you the entire collection and hear your thoughts. We hope that this post has helped you set your goals for 2020 and gave you the tools that you may need to achieve those goals! Please let us know if you liked this S.M.A.R.T. goals blog! Which goals are you working on this year? Let us know below!

XOXO Jaxodyssey





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