How is your closet organization?

Hello lovelies, today we will be talking about a topic which not everyone wants to hear but needs to be successful in fashion. Drums…yes closet organization.

Trust me I used to be horrible at it, even a few months back my closet was all over the place. Why don’t we talk about some of the leading contributors to lack of organization? Just to name a couple, we can start with some big two, time and space.

A lot of us get so caught up in everyday life tasks that we forget about our closets. Back when I used to be a scientist, there were days that I would have to get out of the house at 4:00 am to catch a plane and would not come back home until 11:00 pm. Then I was expected to be back at the office at 8:00 am. When we have crazy schedules like this, we end up worrying only about essentials such as eating, pooping and sleeping. Are you with me? Ok, I’m laughing here a little, but in reality, I used to be a workaholic and left little time to myself.

Unfortunately, lack of closet organization can make you feel unaccomplished. Wow, that is a lot of “un” in one sentence, but it’s true. If you are like me, one of the first things you do when you wake up is to think about what you are going to wear. Some people are more organized and pull their outfits a night before that is definitely not me unless I have a special event. The way I dress for the day depends on my mood, the weather and if I shaved or not. Ok, on a serious note, the mood is a determining factor.

Another problem we may run into is space. As of now, I live in a one-bedroom apartment because I like the view of the city and it is located in a great spot in town. My place has a walking closet, but it is not as huge as you may think, I’ve just got creative with it.

Can you relate to the time and space issues? If so keep reading.

Tips and Tricks


One of the tricks I found helpful when you are a last-minute outfit maker, is to arrange your closet in sections.

The very back of my closet has the pieces that I hardly wear such as nightgowns, cocktail dresses, or items that I cannot wear during that season. For example, if it is winter time, I will send my summer outfits to the back of the closet and bring my cozy sweaters to the front.

The sides of my closet that are more visible have things I can wear anytime. I do keep suit jackets, sweaters and any other warm stuff to the right top part of my closet. My pants and skirts are located on the bottom half, and all my tops are on the top left. Keeping this closet organization has worked like magic for me.

Color Coordination

I am big about this! If you see my closet, you will know. I have a beautiful rainbow, except that orange and green are usually MIA. I do have lots of black, white, pink, blue, red and grey. When it is time for bling bling, I also keep metallics and other fun colors around. How about you? Do you color coordinate?

Get Creative

Nowadays they sell many gadgets such as racks, weird hangers, cubes, etc that will facilitate storage.

Other furniture

I have multiple pieces of armoire that came with my bedroom set, and I can store other things there such as sucks, purses, belts, PJ’s, sports gear and underwear.


Something that my mom taught me since I was a little girl was to give to others what I don’t use anymore. I recall there were times when I was little and cried because I wanted to keep a little dress that didn’t fit anymore (Oops). Later on, I realized how much help we were indeed providing to families in need and was happy to help and even volunteered for all the giveaways. Growing up in Mexico City, I saw lots of children living in the streets and would tear my heart out to see they didn’t have clothes or toys.

Even till today, you will hardly ever see me selling my stuff; I will usually just give it away to those in need.

Alright loves, thank you so much for joining, I hope my post on closet organization helped you a little bit, give me thumbs up if you enjoyed this post. Send me comments below on what you liked the most and what you would like to see next.

Peace out!




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  • Kristen,

    That’s an awesome tip too! Hangers can make a difference, thanks for the tip and glad you found ours useful too!
    XO 😘

  • Thanks for all the helpful tips!!! I love my weird velvet hangers, they take up less room and help me to fit the clothes I have in a tight closet space!


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