Leopard and Tie Dye- Inescapable and Versatile Prints of 2020

Leopard Set with face mask


If there are two trends that are nearly inescapable at the moment, they would be without a doubt tie-dye and animal print! We at Jaxodyssey decided to take innovative steps to stay ahead of the game and offer you sets with built-in or matching face masks. While we were deciding on what prints to choose for our Fall/Winter 2020 sets we did some research on these two trends. Keep reading to find out about the history behind them, how to wear them in style, and the personality types that can slay with these items.

Leopard set with face maskTie Dye Set with mask

Leopard Print

The bold pattern can be traced back as far as ancient Egypt, when women stenciled prints onto linen fabrics. African leaders wore animal skins to show their power, and Napoleon’s troops also wore leopard skin, giving a significance of confidence to anyone who wore it. We are glad that nowadays wearing leopard print does not harm animals, yet it is valued for its eye-catching quality. Starlets such as Marylin Monroe were also keen on wearing leopard as seen on Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), Marilyn Monroe, Twentieth Century Fox.

Marilyn Monroe in Leopard Print


Is Leopard print old or will it go out of style?

We can say safely that while its popularity may come and go, it is a style that is here to stay. If you want to display elegance and an effortless chic vibe, you will never go wrong with this print.

What seasons are acceptable for leopard print?

Though we incorporated it on our Fall/Winter collection, this print is extremely versatile. It is timeless and elegant. Someone once said, “Animal print is the new neutral” and we couldn’t agree more!

What colors can I wear with my Jaxodyssey “Leopard Me” set?

While we created the set to be worn all together, you are definitely not restricted to this approach. It goes well with warm tones, such as beige, khaki, brown, mustard, gold, light pink, burgundy, red, etc.! Cool tones are not disregarded either, black, dusty rose, white and more.

Animal print with face mask and jeansLeopard Print Biker Shorts with Hoodie

Can I mix and match with other items?

Yes and we want you to! The designs I choose and create are meant to provide functionality. In fact, feel free to check some of my Instagram posts where I show you how to dress each item up or down with pieces you may have readily available in your closet.

Jaxodyssey’s mission is to create a more conscious and sustainable fashion approach compared to other fast fashion brands in the market. We believe in quality over quantity.

If you are a strong and confident fashionista, this print is ideal for you!

Animal Print Biker Short SetAnimal Print Biker Shorts

Tie Dye

This amazingly 60’s and 70’s inspired print is here to stay! It has served as an emblem of the rejection of strict social norms imposed on society, including violence, rejection, materialism, and uniformity. It is no wonder that this print has come back with the volatile and uncertain times 2020 has revealed. We have seen it not only on clothes but accessories. We decided to go the extra mile and provide you with a biker short set that is not only comfortable but multifunctional. The top has a built-in face mask! We strive for innovation and this is no exception.

Tie Dye Fashion 70's1970's girl with tie dye

If you are a woman on the go, this set is perfect for you. Never forget your face mask again when it's in the garment itself! When you don't need the face mask, just let the neckline drape and the top will look equally amazing. 

Tie Dye Set with face maskTop with attached face mask

The fabric is beautiful with a combination of purple, blue and green colors (all great for any skin color according to our friend and stylist extraordinaire Don B). Made out of stretchy, brushed jersey, It feels like a second skin – extremely soft and comfortable. If you care about our planet, this set is also for you, as it is made with rayon – a highly sustainable material.

Tie Dye Biker Short SetTie Dye Biker Shorts

Despite what you might think about tie-dye, it’s actually quite versatile since it comes in a number of color combinations, patterns and intensities. Much of the tie-dye we saw on recent runways was more muted or monochromatic than the typical tie-dye we’ve all grown accustomed to. 

Tie Dye top with jeansTie Dye Top with Built-in Face Mask

This print can go with multiple personality types and you can dress it up or down. We would describe it as edgy with a free spirit flare. If you feel that is you, then check out this set!

Here is our YouTube video where we take you to down town LA while wearing these items:




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