Rosé All Day Yoga Set and Matching Face Mask

Rosé All Day Yoga Set with Matching Face Mask

Introducing our “Rosé All Day” matching yoga set and face mask summer collection.  The two creative minds Daniela and Danielle met only a couple years ago at a fashion event. Daniela is the busy founder and designer of Jaxodyssey, Danielle too is a founder and designer of Outrageous Mermaid. We joined forces and love collaborating with one another developing techniques, special design applications and even intricate thread highlights in our patterns.  Interested to know the challenging effects of starting a brand during COVID-19?  The mandatory face mask requirement in most public places is only one of many reasons you should wear our matching yoga set.  In addition, as the work setting evolves from the office to the home office it’s logical to adapt our attire and wear something that performs all day long. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the love and support that you wonderful people have provided over the years as we embark on our journey to create truly amazing brands.

Rosé  All Day Yoga Set and Matching Face Mask

Collaboration Comes to Life

Daniela and her husband called Danielle excitedly over the phone, “We have good news!”  Danielle’s heart leapt with joy that they were moving to California. The three were ecstatic about the news because they would be living closer to one another.  Jumping up and down with joy and cheering with excitement, Danielle exclaims, “Okay, okay, when you get here let’s do a fun photoshoot at the beach!” 

Daniela and Danielle (the two D’s) pooled their resources to create a lovely picnic on the sand with a few wardrobe changes.  Content-creating photoshoots are a lot of fun but require a major commitment of energy and effort.  After wrapping up the photoshoot and dining on cheese and Prosecco, Daniela proposed the two of them collaborate on a full production level.  Strangely enough, Danielle was thinking the same thing.  The very next day, emails were shared over a collaboration template of what duties and responsibilities the two would engage in to create something beautiful together.  In the collaboration template, both women stated what they wanted to achieve in this joint venture; both wanted to create an exceptional partnership and build their friendship to a new level.  We decided to create a yoga set with a matching face mask and everything began to organically evolve. 

Jaxodyssey and Outrageous Mermaid Founders

Building Brands and Being Besties

The two D’s met two years ago in 2018 at a downtown LA fashion tour given by Fashion Angel Warrior.  At the beginning of the tour they introduced themselves by name, where we were from, the name of our favorite brand and a small description of each person’s individual brand.  Participants congregated here because they wanted to learn more about the components of manufacturing in Los Angeles in order to create a successful fashion brand.  Sharing similar names and being close in age, the two D’s bonded very quickly as the two sat next two each other on the tour bus and were transported to textile and manufacturing warehouses.  Daniela was living in Colorado at the time, Danielle was very impressed about her dedication to fly to LA and do whatever it took to make her brand extraordinary.

Daniela, the designer and founder of Jaxodyssey brand, is all about high quality clothes with many special features for boss babes on the go.  Her pieces are gorgeous and prioritize ethical manufacturing and sustainability. If you combine her garments together you can create 22 different looks from 10 different pieces. Her upcoming capsule collection is impressive! Danielle, the designer and founder of Outrageous Mermaid, is all about whimsical and colorful statement pieces.  Together, both of their styles are very feminine and well crafted.  Our intention is to produce beautiful designs made well with high quality materials.    

Busy as bees, Daniela would frequently fly to LA to do her fashion duties and stay at Danielle’s place in LA and the two bonded even more than ever.  Multiple adventures to the fashion district in downtown LA were made to explore textile mills, manufacturing companies and other essential work involved in starting a brand. Daniela’s hard work and diligence driving to and from DTLA in punishing LA traffic coupled with her doing whatever-it-takes attitude to kick start her campaign was highly admirable.  Daniela, too, appreciates Danielle’s identical work ethic and creativity.

 Daniela Jacques and Danielle Balderrama Los Angeles Fashion Designers       

COVID-19 Catastrophe

Over time their naturally easy relationship flourished supporting one another on their individual brands.  Daniela flew Danielle to Orlando to help prepare for the Kickstarter campaign and launch of her new line that took over 2 years to execute. They were only one month away to launch the most remarkable fashion party you would have ever seen! Additionally, they were presenting at Fashion Week The infamous COVID-19 pandemic struck down any plans we had been painstakingly organizing. The Jaxodyssey Kickstarter launch had to be postponed.  This was devastating to everyone involved.  Danielle understood how much hard work Daniela put into this event before COVID-19 put a stop to all of these events For Danielle this meant she would be unable to launch her new swimsuit at this time.  What was going to happen to the fashion industry and our daily lives was uncertain. The one glimmer of light was Daniela’s ability to move to Calfornia.

Smiling Around the Clock

Despite the chaos caused by the pandemic these ladies were determined to become the baddest fashion boss babes.  Therefore, when they decided to join forces it was magic.  The common values they share allow them to create and accomplish something both tangible, functional and symbolic during the pandemic. The two already had enough experience tackling many challenges and have complimenting and contrasting talents to offer one another.  They strive to show their followers something that benefits all.

This collaboration process allowed the two D’s to enjoy each other’s company more than ever.  They both want to excel and build their brands and encourage women empowerment by supporting other entrepreneurial women, exemplifying that women can conquer all.  The designers have similar intellect and mindsets that make communication smooth and simple.   If there is ever a disagreement, they communicate respectfully and effortlessly while caring for each other’s point of view.

Danielle enjoys working with Daniela because when an issue arises, Daniela stays cool as a cucumber while Danielle tends to let the stress bring her pace to a halt. She is happy to learn to dampen frustration, realizing when there is a roadblock, there is always an easy resolution with two minds working as one. As they sit side by side, they always say to each other that “Two D’s are better than one”, and then high five. They communicate constantly and meet several days each week. They have become a dynamic power team. Together they proudly created the "Rosé All Day” yoga set and matching face mask, which they are thrilled to tell you all about how and why it came to fruition.

Tie Dye Yoga Set to wear all day long

Research and Development

The COVID-19 hysteria has driven most into moderate seclusion in our homes, and straight into our favorite yoga pants.  One of the mutual dislikes about today's common leisurewear is the feeling of its hot synthetic fabric.  This is how the ultimate yoga set with matching mask came to be! Ladies, this will keep you ready for anything this year may bring.

Instagram followers were involved through the entire process from helping select the fabric to naming the set. Input from the followers was critical. In order to stay on top of the coolest fashion trends, the two D’s showed fabrics with various colors and prints. They collected numerous opinions from their followers and landed on an alluring rose colored tie-dye.  They also took a vote on a favorite name, which was chosen to be “Rosé All Day which truly encapsulates the message they are conveying! The two D’s are boss babes who work hard and play hard, so they understand exactly what women need to make it through the day, especially during these times of uncertainty. Thank you, Instagram community!

Why You’ll Love Our Rosé All Day?

Owning and wearing the yoga set will get you compliments from head to toe. These pieces are also available separately for purchase, although the bundle will garner the best value.  During the photoshoot at the Hollywood RV Park the two D’s had several women ask to take pictures with them, this was a very flattering compliment and they happily posed with their skateboards while smiling ear to ear. Here are some of the features of the collection:

  • Gorgeous rose with hints of white and marbleized orange, the color is a unique tie-dye that is totally in right now. Plus, the multi-rose warm tones favor all skin types! This reasonably priced and cozy set is stylish and sexy.
  • Fabric is 96% rayon and 4% spandex, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the summer heat
  • Buttery-soft feel like no other leggings, the two D’s encourage wearing seamless undergarments for a clean, polished look
  • The price is unbeatable for a well-made yoga pant, this also goes for the cost of the entire set
  • Handmade by two remarkable designers (the two D’s) to ensure the highest quality (every stitch /perfectly placed) and added prestige made in Los Angeles
  • High-waisted with a dual layered three-inch waistband with the right compression that feels like a hug.  Who could say no a personal hug, especially with all of the social distancing taking place…
  • Look good and feel fabulous - The two D’s love how you can dress them up or down
  • Face masks are soft, breathable and mold perfectly to your face
  • Light velvet elastic that wraps around the ears to ensure long lasting comfort
  • Optional headband that fits like a glove, super cute for those who love wearing headbands to workout wearing their hair up or down
  • The two D’s use a special top-of-the-line thread to sew their garments to allow for performance stretch
  • Whether you are lounging, hanging out with the family, practicing yoga, making a quick errand to the market or having a glass of wine with a friend, we have you covered!
Los Angeles Made Jaxodyssey and Outrageous Mermaid

    Supporting Small Businesses

    This outfit will be one of your favorites this summer. You will get beauty, comfort, and style in one affordable package.  You’ll want to tell your best friend, your momma and your sister to get one as well. There will be two hashtags for a chance to be featured on Jaxodyssey’s 30K Instagram follower platform. Show off your new outfit and tag #JOMroséallday and #JOMbesties doing what besties do best! Send us a video or photo letting your creativity unfurl, we’re excited to see what you create.

    You’ll be supporting minority female entrepreneurs who will put virtue back into the world with our individual brands. These women want to be the change they want to see in the world through both words and actions. Starting a fashion brand is unendingly challenging, the support from one another, our friends, family and the community is pure inspiration.

    Wear the “Rosé all Day” yoga set and practice healthy ways to reduce stress and anxiety!  This is the key to balance your emotions.  This is especially needed during the unprecedented COVID-19 era.  Dress up like your bestie and enjoy each other’s company.  Listen to and support one another, more than ever, we need start seeing ourselves as one united world.  Practice mindfulness - the act of engaging with the present moment.  This helps direct your attention away from negative thoughts.  Meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, nature hikes, and journaling your feelings and thoughts either alone or with a bestie are perfect examples.

    This collaboration process has been an amazing journey establishing not only a friendship but a calling with uniqueness and overlapping similarities.  Get yourself and your bestie a “Rosé All Day” matching yoga set and clink your wine glasses together.  We (the two D’s) greatly appreciate all the love and support we get, and we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

    Jaxodyssey Rose all day Yoga Set


    Jaxodyssey and Outrageous Mermaid

    P.S. Want to see some behind the scenes of us making the product with candid interviews? Check the video below!



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