Venice Beach Part 2- What to wear, Retro Style!

Girl with flowers in her pink hair and lace duster and lace bralette at Venice Beach

Hi babes, hope you are having a great start of September. September is such a beautiful month and I don’t say that only because I am a September baby. During this month, the weather is usually still nice, not too hot, not too cold, leaves are starting to change color, and its still a fun time to go to the beach (ok is there ever a bad time to go to the beach?).

I wanted to show you some fun styles you can wear when you are in Venice Beach, California. As we previously discussed in our part 1, Venice is a fun place that inspires you to try unique outfits. If you are the type of girl who experiments with vintage looks, please keep reading.

To be honest, I enjoy promoting confidence, we as women need to support and encourage each other to exit our comfort zones. There is a quote that goes like this: “Life is to short to wear boring clothes”. I hope you agree, but dressing is totally art, you can express your feelings with colors, textures, prints, shapes. There is also psychology involved with colors, and this is why marketers use a certain color scheme in advertising. We can convey so much just by the clothing choices we make. You have probably seen the impact you can have when wearing red, its such a powerful and sexy color. You can see me wearing red below:

Lana Del Rey Mural Venice Beach

Shantographie and I decided to venture and explore the alleys of Venice Beach. I heard about the Lana del Rey mural but didn’t know exactly were it was. We walked through a few spots, stopped here and there to take pics with other murals and finally ran into the gorgeous black and white art wall (you can watch our adventures in our part 1 since I attached a video of all the crazy stuff we ran into before finally arriving to our main destination).

Cherries outfit and 1950's Style


I know how much Lana likes cherries, so I brought my cherry jewelry set. I bought it from a UK designer (if you are interested send me a comment and I can share the source and potentially a discount!). The whole theme centered on the deep red in this jewelry, so I decided to pair it with my pleated skirt and cherry crop top. The cherry crop top is from Forever 21 and the skirt from American Apparel. I wanted to give the whole look a skater vibe, so I paired the look with some cool sneakers full of graffiti! I found these at Aldo’s and were a “gotta have it” moment.

graffiti sneakers black red and gold

Finally, I had to add a cute headband and retro curls to the style! Oh, but let’s not forget about my super fun heart shaped sun glasses. I am quite happy I have seen a few girls rocking these on the street. They add a cool flare to any look.

Graffiti sneakers and red pleated skirt

My second look focused on a free spirit type of girl. She is cute, flirty and full of life. For this part of the photo-shoot, we decided to walk to the beach. I also stopped by Whole Foods ahead of time and found a beautiful flower bouquet.

The lifeguard house with rainbow colors was so groovy! Venice beach delivered and did not disappoint when it came to colorful and unique spots for pics.

Rainbow Lifeguard Tower and girl in pink duster

My girl inspiration also loves bubble gum and pink! I found this pink kimono/duster at a small designer shop in LA. Whenever possible, I try to help fellow designers by shopping local.  This also provides me with unique designs that not everyone will be wearing. I highly encourage you to help local businesses. We at Jaxodyssey will be working with people that are treated and paid fairly. It saddens me to see small children working for very little in some parts of the world.  Therefore Jaxodyssey will be made at facilities with exceptional work environments.

Bubble gum girl black crop top and black high waisted shorts

I also wanted to make sure the look was refreshing.  Adding a bralette with high waisted bottoms gave me the look I was in search of for in my vintage girl. Is there anything more adorable than pig tails? I don’t think so and guess what: if you could rock them when you were 10, you can rock them when you are 20, 30, 40 and beyond. Do you know Iris Apfel? She is an incredible inspiration for me, and if she can pull off multiple accessories and colors and make it all work at 97 years of age, we don’t have any excuse to not have fun with our style.

This last picture was inspired by all things nature and flower power! Who doesn’t love to be surrounded by flowers, especially adorning one’s hair or mouth (lol)?  Plus flowers and beach can bring any girl happiness, right?

Girl with curly pink hair pink kimono and sunflower in mouth

Hope you are liking the blogs. Send me comments and let me know your thoughts.  I love to hear from you! Now I’ll proceed to celebrate my birthday with some bubbly and a Marie Antoinette themed party.




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