What are you Thankful for? (Jaxodyssey Behind the Scenes Video)

Hello beautiful Boss Babes!

As we approach and enter the month of November, most of us are considering this question: What am I grateful for? I am grateful for so many wonderful things in my life, including the ups and downs. A couple of years ago I was part of the corporate world working as a scientist and I was frequently traveling and on the move. Although I learned valuable skills, I knew I wasn’t satisfying my dreams and ambitions. It was during one of these trips that I had a realization while sitting on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Life is too short, and if I was going to help myself and others, I had to make a change. I realized that I wasn’t fully utilizing my talents, and this led to my decision to switch gears and follow my desire to work in fashion. Voilà, Jaxodyssey was born!

Daniela Jacques on the go clothes

Behind the scenes is not always perfect but always fun!

Who’s my muse?

One of the biggest things that I am grateful for is the ability to work in a field
that I am passionate about and to be able to make my dreams a reality. The creation of Jaxodyssey has given me a creative outlet where I can express myself, and cater the needs of the woman-on-the-go. I draw my inspiration from women who are adventurous and driven.

Our muse is multifaceted, she is a go-getter and the perfect mix between a boss babe and a wander lover.

Luggage on the go in LAThe message that I strive to emphasize with my brand is that there is a Boss Babe in every woman. All she needs are the proper tools to make her feel confident and empowered! The Jaxodyssey Boss Babe also understands the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication. What better tools than clothes that are multi-functional and fit her every need! Our clothing is meant to serve as a reminder of all the wonderful memories of places she has seen and places she would like to visit. She enjoys the hustle and bustle of working in the city as well as the peacefulness of vacationing on a beach paradise. I am so grateful to be able to use my business and brand to inspire and to spread the message of empowerment to others.



What about the launch?

Jaxodyssey BTS team In Los Angeles In order to be able to spread this message on a larger platform and to gain the traction that we need to produce our clothing line, we decided to embark on a
Kickstarter campaign. In our featured video, we showcase four different
women with very different busy lifestyles and professional lives. We want to showcase the more intimate and fun layers that make these women unique. The campaign highlights how Boss Babes rely on the functionality and versatility of their clothes to get them through their day-to-day lives.

Who are the boss babes?

Can you guess who boss Boss babe #1 is? The campaign starts off by following me, Daniela Jacques, around downtown Los Angeles in my routine as a businesswoman and designer. I also provide an introduction of my brand, as well as an explanation of what inspired me to create all of the clothing that will be featured in my nine piece “Boss Babe meets wander lover” capsule collection. You get to see me at the manufacturer, as well as in the various steps that take place in the process of making a garment come to life! The days of having clothes that under-perform when you need them most are over.
Additionally, we ensured to incorporate other Boss Babes that have distinct lifestyles. Our Boss Babe #2 is a corporate professional who needs to be able to have functionality in all her outfits in order to save her time and money. BossJaxodyssey logo bts Los Angeles

 Babe #3 is our young intern who is a free spirit. She strives to find the perfect balance between professionalism and her youthful, spontaneous lifestyle. Last, but not least, is Boss Babe #4, a warrior mom! She needs her clothes to allow her to keep up with her active baby, but still maintain the perfect balance of professionalism in her office job.

Our Boss Babes need their garments to keep up with their personal and work lives. Jaxodyssey is here for them, with the perfect multi-functional clothing that suits their individual needs.

Values and Community Outreach

My Kickstarter campaign will take Jaxodyssey’s message and values and bring them to life. We have also made it a goal to work with non-profit groups and charities, such as “Dress for Success”. This charity helps women reach their highest potential by providing low income women with appropriate clothing to enter the workforce. Currently, one of our fabrics is made from recycled material. As a clothing brand we also want to reduce the environmental impact by ensuring that our versatile collection is made with sustainability in mind.
I made your clothes fair wages in Los Angeles
The ability to spread my message on multiple platforms and to reach women of all ethnicities and backgrounds is something that I will forever be grateful for. I want to be able to look back on all of this work and be proud of all of the effort that went into creating this clothing line. Most importantly, I am grateful for all of my Boss Babes! Without you lovely ladies, none of this would be possible. I look forward to sharing our stunning and unique pieces with all of you! Now tell me babes, what are you grateful for?


Big thanks to the following people:

  • Joshua Moore from @globetrotting79 -Executive Producer
  • Herb Maximo from @herbmaximo - Director
  • Michael Daniel from @michaeldanieldp - Director Assistant/ Drone Operator
  • Christine Daal from @fashionangelwarrior -Mentor/Assistant
  • Danielle Balderrama from @outrageousmermaid - Savior/ Creative Assistant
  • Heather Huh from @heathernbubba - Hairstylist
  • Sandra Castillo from @sandrizzlecastillo - MUA
  • Veronica He from @veronyflower - Model Boss Babe #2
  • Olivia Jane from @olivia_jane_18 -Model Boss Babe #3
  • Brittany Fitts from @buyingwithbrittany - Model Boss Babe #4 (will be depicted in future posts)
  • Julia Liskee from @julialiskee - Model (will be depicted in future posts)
  • Paola Reyes from @paolamariax -Intern and editor



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  • I am grateful when my students make their dream into reality. I gratefully that you are so close to launching 🚀! True Boss Babe!

    Keti Mckenna
  • This is so amazing you are such a boss!!!

    Nikki Hall
  • Danielle,

    Thanks so much! Truly appreciate the love and support. Happy Thanksgiving season :D

  • Mady,

    Thanks for all your help and can’t wait to create our surprise accessories with you!



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