What to wear and do at Venice Beach California (Part 1)



What to wear in Venice Beach

Venice Beach Boardwalk

What tops off the summer better than a photoshoot at Venice beach? The west coast is always calling my name, and this is why I chose it as the location to manufacture Jaxodyssey! California will always have a special place in my heart. This is where I learned to surf and where I almost broke my back while doing it (literally). This place is synonymous to adventure, fun, inspiration and relaxation.

As Lana del Rey said it “No one even knows what life was like/Now I’m in L.A. and it’s paradise”. She also makes references about this beautiful place in many of her songs including one of my favorites: West Coast. Other things I like about LA are that I can easily stroll along the beach or enjoy delicious Mexican food.

When I knew I had the opportunity to work with @shantographie, I was stoked and began preparations for my Venice beach outfits.

Venice always gives me these fun retro vibes, so I chose to display vintage fashion and the golden days. The streets are so colorful, and I feel so artsy every time I come here that I felt the need to wear something that could match the funky atmosphere. There are a multitude of murals and I am going to show you some of my favorites.

Venice Beach Sign and beach fashion


Venice Beach sign and groovy outfit

This first picture is all about the 70’s, floral pants, and hippie style while maintaining refinement. I wanted to have cut offs in the pants and the top to portray a more modern look. I envisioned the hopeless romantic girl that believes in freedom of expression and enjoys unique pieces. As you can see, the Venice beach welcoming sign is behind me. Norayr (Shantographie’s photographer/owner) and I had to run back and forth across the street as soon as the light turned green to get “the perfect shot”. It was a thrill running around the intersection while everyone thought we were crazy.

Colorful mural and cotton candy and 1940's fashion


pig tails and pink outfit and wedges


The next outfit was all about cotton candy! I was truly inspired by the bright pinks and turquoise on this fluffy dessert, and wanted to play the part. What says girly more than a pair of pig tails that are curled to reflect the 1940’s style? High waisted skirts are so flattering. They help you get a smaller waist illusion! Also having a knot on your top emphasizes that area and exaggerates feminine effect.

To top it all off you can’t forget some signature sunglasses. Right now, these heart shape ones are in, and I love them because they are super girly.

Every girl needs to wear platforms at some point - they add amazing height and are very comfy.

Venice Beach Market and travel girl

Norayr brought a few friends who made the journey a lot more entertaining.  One of them is @jensen_vibes, who created a video of our adventures. You can check it out in YouTube (adding link below). On this picture you can see me in front of a market. The boys had to stop by to hydrate, so we took advantage of the vibrant blue sky painted on the storefront.

Venice Beach Souvenir Store and girl in pink

Don’t forget to stop by one of the many souvenir shops! Here I am in front of one posing next to a giant shark (he is quite buff too and loves surfing like me). You can find some nice California mementos and there are also some clothing stores with cool beachy attires.


1940's woman outfit and colorful cow


If you happen to crave ice cream, stop by Ben and Jerry’s and on the way there, take a picture with my friend “Moo moo”. The guys baptized her with this name and I love it. She is so groovy flaunting those rainbow colors.

Venice Beach alley and globetrotter girl

Finally, a road warrior can never leave her home without a carry-on. I am laughing as I type because this bag wasn’t going to be a prop, but it fit perfectly to give us the wanderlust look that characterizes the “Jaxodyssey” lifestyle! I kept my multiple outfits inside this carry-on (lol). Here I am - walking down the alleys. I would recommend you do this too since most murals are off the beaten path. If you have the soul of an explorer, you should wander and find the treasures.

Hope you enjoyed the first part of the Venice photoshoot. Please come back since there is a sequel.

Peace out, and please send me your thoughts about the outfits. Would you wear them? Any favorite aspects?



Video form @jensen_vibes :


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  • Uzma! Thanks so much for checking out the blog :D. Love to hear your feedback and peach is so fun, isn’t it? Too bad pink hair doesn’t last too long. Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to see here. I am all ears.


  • Babe I adore your peach outfit and love how your hair goes so well with it 💕 Will be here more frequently from now on.
    (Fashencephalon :) )

  • Outrageous Mermaid,

    Thanks so much babe! Glad you liked the outfits and yes totally going with a flirty vibe here! I’m trying to work on the comments on this blog so I can answer to you guys individually on each comment :D

  • Kaykay,

    Thanks so much! Happy to hear you found an outfit that would work for you. Please stay tuned for more as Venice adventures are not over yet! XOXO and happy Thursday :D


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